Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to chop a loop in Reason 6 or Record Duo and use it in Kong

Today I'll show how to chop up a loop in Propellerheads Reason 6 or Record Reason Duo and use it instantly in Kong.

  • First create an audio track. 
  • Next import a loop you want to chop up or record one yourself.  
  • Maybe you have to adjust the tempo of the imported loop by pressing Ctrl and hovering the mouse over the right arrow of the imported sample. It changes to a clock and you can now drag the right border of the loop to the next bar. But be aware that this changes the sound of the loop slightly (depending on the tempo difference). If you want to make shure it sounds like the original you have to adjust Reasons tempo to the tempo of the loop before chopping it.

  • Now change the snap settings to 1/8 or whatever you prefer.  You can also turn Snap off and cut wherever you want. Zoom in and cut at the transients for instance.

  • Select the Razor tool and chop the first bar into as many slices as you want. Delete the rest.

  • Select all slices. 
  • Goto Edit and select "Bounce Clips to New Samples".

  • Create a Kong/Redrum/NN-XT. 
  • Select "Browse (Drum) Patch". 

  • Select the "Song Samples" entry top left. 
  • Go to" Unnassigned Samples" select the first one, hit shift and select the last.

  • Hit OK. 
  • Done

    I've found some clips on Youtube that show parts of the workflow above.


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