Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to get multiple audio outputs in Live's drumracks

One drawback of Live's drumracks is that there is an option "Audio To" but it is greyed out and so can't be used. But I found a way to get individual outputs in drumracks. This can be handy if you want to use multiple hardware outs.

First create as many return tracks as you want to use hardware outs.
In their I/O section select "Ext.Out" and the output of your choice.

Next go to your drumrack. In the bottom left corner there are three buttons: I-O, S and R. Activate them.
Now rightclick in the Chain List and create a return chain for every return track.
In the "Audio To" of these select the return tracks.

In the mixer section of the drumracks there are now send knobs for each of these return tracks. Decide  which track you want to send to which output and turn it's send all the way up. Mute the whole drumrack.

There is another way to do this. In the chain list select the tracks you want to send to an individual out on your hardware device. Right click and select "Group". Repeat this for every output. Now create an audio track for every output. Set its "Audio from" to the drumrack and select the individual groups you created (propably the "Post FX" item). Set the "Monitor" to "In" and select "Ext. Out" and the output of your hardware device you want to use.


  1. hi, very nice, but I found no way to use the Send with fx /delay reverb)
    and then send the Audio signals from every drumrack Slot to another Audio or miditracks..
    this means no drumrack Sound can be spiced with the return fx and then send to idividual Audio or midi track ...when have a idea plese post it..
    wfg S.R.

    would be cool to hear a solution

    1. Hm, I'm not quite shure I understand. Could you please rephrase your question, with the exact steps you're doing. Du kannst mir auch gerne auf deutsch schreiben.

    2. I think he was saying that since your using return tracks to re-route the signal, you can longer use one of those return tracks to send out to another aux send for effects like reverb, or new york compression etc. One thing you could do is re-route those drum slices (or the return tracks) to a single (or many) stereo audio tracks, record enable them and put them on monitor mode. Then your using it kind of like a bus but you could use this audio track to send to an aux reverb etc.