Sunday, October 2, 2011

Use the mousewheel to move knobs in Ableton Live

Another quick Autohotkey hack I did (sorry, again Windows only [There seems to exist a port of Autohotkey. I couldn't test it but look here]). If you are running attached script in the background you can move a knob in Ableton Live with the mousewheel. Select the knob with the left mouse button and press and turn the mousewheel to change the values.

I set the rate to 5 steps per wheelturn to make it react faster. You can adjust the rate in the ahk script. Just exchange the 5s to your desired value. You have to download and install Autohotkey for this to work.

Download a zip with the compiled as well as the uncompiled version of the script.


Wrote a new version. Here you don't have to hold down the middle mouse button but Shift (for 5 steps) or Ctrl (for 1 step).



  1. Hey, download link is broken. If you still have this I would LOVE a new link. Thanks!

  2. I updated the links. Should work now.

  3. Hi,
    That is exacty what I need for controlling a parameter on the fly with a mouse, instead of pressing the arrow keys, or instead of clicking down and moving the mouse around.

    If possible, could you update the link because the file is removed?


  4. Could you post the 'script' here instead of providing links to zip files that will expire?

  5. Hey,
    is it able to get the script? The File on MediaFire is deleted.


  6. Hi, is it possible to adjust the rate to less than 1 step per wheelturn?
    I tried 0.5 but it doesn't work!
    Thanks in advance

    1. No, sorry. As the script simulates keystrokes there are no smaller values possible.

  7. Ok, thank you for your reply

  8. this is great, thank you very much!

  9. hey Mother G,

    i have a question.. when i want to just the mouse wheel i have to push the wheel too.
    Can this be set so i dont have to push the mouse wheel?


  10. HI! Thank you for this. I'm new to AutoHotKey. I installed it and clicked on the .exe of the script you've provided and it doesn't seem to be working. How do I use this?

  11. sorry, but how did u get that thing working? i installed(executed exe etc.) but i wont be able to use the mw on ableton-knobs ?!